Data imports into the customer portal

Administration: Data imports into the customer portal

  • As a property manager, you are responsible for inviting users to the customer portal so that they can subsequently log in to the portal and view their consumption data.

    In order to invite users to the customer portal, their contact data (e.g. e-mail addresses) must be stored there. Especially for large property management companies, the initial maintenance of e-mail addresses can be very time-consuming. To make it easier to enter e-mail addresses in the customer portal, it is possible to import them via an .xlsx file.

    Since you are importing data into the database through the import, there are a few things to keep in mind when importing.


    Initial situation & preparation of data

    The e-mail addresses of your users are available to you and are maintained in your property management (e.g. in an .xlsx file or in a management program from which you can generate an .xlsx file with the data). In addition, the non-user numbers must already be stored with the billing company.

    Prepare the .xlsx file as follows. Make sure that the columns are named correctly!

    1. The Exel list contains a column "User foreign number", which contains the user foreign number of the users. The non-user number must be entered in this format, i.e. including the zeros (the number shown here is displayed anonymously, hence the "xxx" at the end): 000000001200100xxx
    2. The Exel list contains an "E-mail" column, which contains the e-mail addresses of the users. The e-mail addresses must be entered in this format: text@text.text

    The .xlsx file can also contain other columns, these are not taken into account in the import.


    Data import

    As a property management admin, you have permission to perform an import:

    1. Navigate to the "Administration" page
    2. Here you have the possibility to perform the import. On this page you will also find the reference to this help, so that no error happens when uploading the user data.
    3. Prepare the .xlsx file as described above and click ".xlsx upload".
    4. A warning message will appear, once again referring to the current help page to ensure that the data is uploaded in the correct format.
    5. Confirm the import only if you have entered the data in the correct format.

    You have the option to update all email addresses (all email addresses will be imported, existing ones will be overwritten if necessary) or to add only empty ones (existing email addresses will not be overwritten).